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A note about the contribution comics. I E-mail them out.  You have to make sure your E-mail can handle them. Size wise or anything that would block or filter an attachment.  Im pretty easy and if theres any kind of problem all you have to do is E-mail me.

Added an Outtake 11/14/16

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3 Hour Tour - Now playing


3 Hour Tour - November 2016

Enough people wanted things to keep going so here we are with Issue 3.

Find it in back issues.

Back Issues

Castaways - October 2016

It's hard to believe that the last episode of this show aired in 1967. Almost 50 years ago. Only the girls are still alive. So tempted to keep this series going for a while.

For now there are 2 episodes. You can find them in

The Island - October 2016

Going to wrap up the ripping off old T.V. shows (for a little while anyway) with a bit of the Island. Don't know which island? You must have been on one yourself.

Find it in back issues. (Might be why they never got rescued)

Girl Model part 2 - September 2016

I really hoped that the Munster's today would have done a version of this episode but despite having Lee Meriwether the show was a bit of a let down.

 This took a little of the sting out of that for me and it's in back issues.

Girl Model - 2nd comic for August 2016

Spoofing Bugs was fun so I thought I would keep it up. Remember Lily Munster, Girl Model?

If not the whole episode is on Youtube. Go watch and come back. The comic will be waiting in

Brew two - August 2016

I feel really old thinking about all the old Loony Tune cartoons. The Witch Hazel episode is almost 60 years old. There is a lot of ammo in those old shows though. I may do more. For now this the last of this episode.

It's in back issues,

Strange Brew - July 2016

There was an old Bugs Bunny cartoon, you know the one, Bugs is trick or treating and winds up at Witch Hazels door and she invites him in for tea.
I always wanted him to drink the tea. I imagined that as the Jessica Rabbit origin story. This is sort of that and it's in back issues.

Cheater 2 - July 2016

Dwayne heads off to see if any of his friends can help him with Wanda's condition.

I got new software for making PDFs and the files will be a little bigger now with better resolution.

The comic is in back issues like usual.

Cheater - May 2016

Dwayne considers himself a player. When Wanda finds out Dwayne will be playing for a different team.

Like usual you can get it in back issues.

Intern - 2nd comic for April 2016

An internship at a large company can take unexpected paths. Some paths are more unexpected than others.

Follow the path to back issues.