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Who Needs Freehand?

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Comics 66-70
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The First comic of 2017 and only a month later then I had planned. Things have been crazy and now it looks like I'm getting a whole winter's worth of snow in a week. I added a little beach volleyball hoping I would warm up a bit


Two friends and a magic wand. What could possibly go wrong.

The Movie Star

There is only one Ava Cooper in the world. The only problem is everybody wants to be her.

The conclusion of the Island story line.


Being the season I was originally planning to make this about Taxes but that was too depressing so I made it about alimony instead.

Trying to alter a deal never works out the way you want.

Time of our Lives

It's been quite a while since the last comic it's cold enough to keep me indoors with any luck that will be enough for me to get my groove back.
Bundle 16
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